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The video above was made from archive footage filmed by the Ford Motor Company around 1917, for a film titled "The Making of a Ukulele". Around that time, Ford made many educational films showing scenes from the U.S. and abroad, and this was one example.

Featured in the movie is an unidentified ukulele maker, quite possibly an employee of Manuel Nunes. Nunes himself makes a brief appearance, as does an ukulele player who is also not identified in the film.

The ukulele player may be Henry Kailimai. Kailimai was a talented ukulele player and music composer, his best known composition being "On the Beach at Waikiki". Kailimai's Hawaiian Quintet played at the Hawaiian building at the Pan Pacific International Exposition in 1915. Henry Ford visited the Exposition, and was so impressed with the band's music that he hired the quintet to come to Detroit and play at Ford company events. They were renamed the Ford Hawaiian Quintet and recorded a number of records for the company of Henry Ford's good friend, Thomas Edison.

The original film footage was silent. The video soundtrack consists of pieces of various 78 rpm records.
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